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Adam Cain

Adam CainAdam Cain is passionate about raising awareness behind the corruption experienced in institutions that are meant to protect, guide and care for South Africans.
A dynamic motivational speaker, he is passionate about empowering South Africans to take back that which has been stolen from them.
His first book, Bitter Taste of Orange, is a work of fiction based on a true story.
Using original court transcripts, psychologist reports, news reports and interviews, Bitter Taste of Orange, exists to educate and entertain.
It reveals one man’s struggle against powers greater than himself. A church with a history of cultic overtones; a family who would stop at nothing to take revenge, a crooked and self-serving judicial system.
These forces conspire against him using deceit, collusion and corruption, taking him to the extremes of human endurance.
Every South African will be able to relate to Bitter Taste of Orange in one way or another.
There is not one South African who has not been exposed the hurt meted out by religious organizations that use the Word as their tool to build a clone of modern day business institutions, putting their own greed before the work of the true church.
Many have walked the inner sanctum of our judicial system only to see truth be cloaked by corruption robbing Lady Justice of her rights.
Many have been affected by those who with the fiscal means, have the power to alter the lives of others buy creating false truths and through the social media and fake news, destroy lives.
Their pockets deep enough to pay for a new truth. Many have looked back on life and realised that the very friends they perceived as true friends, were the first to abandon them in their time of need.
There is not one person who has not faced a bully more than once in their lifetime, whether at school or in the workplace or in a religious institution.
Many have been reduced to a mere statistic by verbal, sexual and physical abuse.
James Sinclair of Bitter Taste of Orange, is every South African.
The battles he faces could well be the dragons that you face on a daily basis.
The author, Adam Cain, named after Springbok Radio icon from “I am Adam Kane”, uses his platform to focus on the plight and injustices faced by every man, woman and child – giving a voice to the voiceless.
Praise for Bitter Taste of Orange
Bitter Taste of Orange kept me captivated from beginning to end, tugging deep into my soul and moved me from tears of sorrow to tears of laughter with humour shining through unimaginable pain.” – Liesl Schoonraad | International Strong Woman and Anti-Bullying Activist
“Bitter Taste of Orange will have you riveted and gasping in shock, as you journey on a roller coaster ride of Deceit, Collusion and Corruption.” – Silke Kaiser | Polygraphist and Author of GOTCHA and Sex with Psychopaths
“Some books you read. Some books you enjoy, but some books swallow you up heart and soul!” – Deborah Du Plooy, Skoobs Theatre of Books, Monte Casino.