Silke Kaiser

Silke KaiserSilke Kaiser is a polygraphist and author of two books: Gotcha and Sex with Sociopaths.



This is a book that is the first of its kind – taken directly from the frontline of the crime wave that is sweeping South Africa.

What makes a criminal …… a criminal? This book is a true account of crime in South Africa by a woman polygraphist.

She reveals how and why farm attacks are planned.

She answers the question of why some women become involved in priority crimes.

She talks about drug addiction and the devastating effect it has on families, and causes mothers to become co-dependent.

The psychology and the planning of Cash In Transit Heists are also explained.

This book explains the causes and the effects of crime, taken from actual polygraphs conducted.


Sex with Sociopaths

With her no-holds barred storytelling, Silke Kaiser takes you down the rabbit hole of Sex with Sociopaths: a devastating and compelling recount of a tragic childhood, a deeply troubled adolescence and an adulthood fraught with loss, insecurity, heart breaking family ties and an addictive attraction to unhealthy relationships with narcissists and sociopaths that is impossible to escape.

Sex with Sociopaths is as stunning as it is gut-wrenching, and paints a disturbing but honest picture of how our childhood memories can become monsters that can no longer hide in the closet.


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